Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tech Sector on the Rise

Coming through one of the worse recessions in history, we all look for those signs that would lead us to believe that it is over. Some look at the sale of large ticket items such as cars and houses while other look at the job market. There is one indicator that is often overlooked and that is the amount of money spend on technology by businesses.

In rough times, technology is often one of the first areas to be cut and therefore, a resurgence in this area is a sure sign that businesses are starting to rebound. Looking at the recent and project sales of of some of the large technology giants, you will see a turn around in the numbers. Here are a 10 examples:
  1. after falling by 4.2% in 2009, tech spending is up 3.8% this year to $1.5 trillion
  2. Microsoft has sold over 150 million of Win 7 - fastest OS sale in their history
  3. hardware sales are expect to rise by 6.4%
  4. Dell is expecting a 19% rise in revenue as oppose to the 13.4 drop they experienced in 2009
  5. SAP sales is expect to rise by 7% this year - dropped 8% in 2009
  6. according to a Nightly Business Report / BridgeNews poll, 40 percent of 300 executives polled expect to increase their IT spending this year and plan to invest, an average of 21% of their capital investments to technology this year
  7. Cisco Systems recorded a 23% jump in quarterly profit and 8% gain in revenue
  8. Intel said that revenue for microprocessor division for corporate server systems rose 42%.
  9. Sybase reported a 34% jump in profit
  10. Forrester Research, Inc is reporting that tech spending will rise by 11.2%  in Europe, Canada by 9.9%, Asia Pacific by 7.8%, and Latin America by 7.7%.
This recession hit everyone very hard but if the increasing profits by tech companies and IT spending by businesses is an indicator, there's light at the end of the recession tunnel.

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