Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Google is After your Health Records

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Google knows where you live and where you surf online. If you own an Android phone, they probably know who you speak to and who's in your directory. Now they are after your health records. Does that scare you as much as it scares me?

Google WaveTwo Google engineers are presenting a paper at USNEX HealthSec 2010, part of the 19th USENIX Security Symposium, which runs from August 11-13, 2010 arguing that current health records are static and they have a way to change that - of course they do. Their mission is to organize the world's information and your health records are part of that information. They plan to do this by using the Google Wave federation protocolThis  protocol is based on open source code that permits Wave servers from different organizations to cooperate and is designed to present updates from many sources in a format that is compatible for medical record keeping in a distributed environment.

If there protocol is generally accepted by the medical community, watch for ads in your mailbox for Viagra and Lipitor.

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