Monday, July 5, 2010

Google on the Move

Google is at it again. They recently announced that they plan to buy ITA Software for $US700 million.  ITA Software is a major provider of airline travel software and has among its clients virtually all of the major Web travel information and booking providers including airlines as American and Continental and online travel services such as HotwireKayakOrbitz and Microsoft's Bing

Now what does Google want with this company? Well, over 10 percent of searches on Google are travel related and the online travel business is big business. Put the two together and Google is going to try to corner another Internet market. I'm sure you will shortly see a list of airlines schedules and fares when you enter departing and destination cities into the Google search box. And then a link to the new Google Travel Service that will gladly sell you a ticket.

Another convenient service brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood Google Web services. Or another attempt to learn more about you and where you travel and where you are at all times - perish the thought.

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