Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MS versus Google?

Microsoft targets Google with free online version of Office 2010

Battle of the giants?? I must admit that I have been a faithful user of Google Docs but have had some frustrations with using it, namely the lack of features in the editors and the rough export features in converting to MS Office.

This news excites me. Finally, I'll be able to edit and share documents that are compatible with MS Office. The fact that is ti free is a huge bonus. Seems to me that, although Google Docs are handy, the lack of full editing tools was a downside. Is Microsoft targeting Google? Could be! They are definitely trying to get into the cloud computing market and frankly speaking, I think they will win. Their Office products have been a staple in productivity tools for years. This new feature will certainly caused me to try it out.

Now ... will there be an App for that??

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