Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Don't Tweet and Therefore I Live!

I came across a recent online article by Brian Solis entitled "I Tweet Therefore I Am". Does that imply that because I don't tweet, I am not? I doubt it. I can assure you that I live my life rather nicely, thank you very much. I still don't get it. I have tried to understand the Twitter phenomenon but I just can't. Maybe it's the people I follow. Maybe it's the lack in social relevance I see in Tweets such as "I'm home now" or "I enjoyed my shower". According to Solis, "Twitter users reveal the state of all things captivating attention and inspiring action" - can someone tell me how? Certainly I can see how Twitter can be used as a marketing channel but for me, for someone to capture my attention requires more that 140 characters. Twitter is more like sign graffiti or a protest sign or a sandwich board. To propel me to action would require to hear a position statement longer than a few characters. The statistics listed in the article are interesting but the one that stood out for me was 7% of Americans use Twitter; granted that translates to 17 million people in the US, but I would not call it a social movement.

As a colleague once told me - "I don't waste my time Tweeting about my life, I live it". If some can help me understand how Twitter can enlighten my life, I would very much appreciate it.

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  1. I agree with Leon's sentiments. I don't really care if someone has just enjoyed a cup of coffee or is leaving work,etc. Why are some people so intrigued with what others are doing moment-by-moment? Get out and live life, rather than spending your time reading about what others are doing!!