Thursday, June 17, 2010

Penis Recognition Software?

Computer software has been designed to recognize many human features like voice, fingerprints, and retinals. These advances have been made in an attempt to make computer some secure. Now a computer is attempting to design software to learn to identify the human penis. The reason for this attempted technological advancement is to keep the Internet safe from those pervert who want to expose themselves.

It started because of a new social media Web site called Chatroulette. The concept, which I think could be fun, is that you can have a video chat with someone randomly selected by the site. The problem is that many Internet exhibitionist have found this to be, yet another way, to expose themselves to unknowing Internet users. I tried out Chatroulette and sure enough, three of the five randomly selected videos that came across my screen were a series of these Internet perverts show their genitalia. That's a shame because, what can be a fun way to meet people, has been hijacked by the seedy elements of the Net. Now technology is coming to the rescue. In order to stop these pervert, a  company is trying to develop the software that will recognize the penis and immediately provide another chatrouletter. Once again, technology is pushing the envelope of what is possible.

So I got to thinking what else could this new technology be used for? Is the human penis like a fingerprint or a tongueprint- there are no two alike? Will it be used in airport security? Will you no longer be able to use your computer naked? Will it be used to identify flashers in police lineups? (remember the movie Porky's Revenge?).The porn industry, generally thought to the the first to make money on the Internet, will surely take advantage of this revolutionary technology. Isn't technology wonderful?

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