Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Digital Future

"Digital technologies are critical to every aspect of our economy and society. That is why a strategy for the digital economy is needed to ensure that Canada is positioned to benefit from the opportunities that it presents." So starts the message on the Industry Canada's Web site, asking Canadians for input into shaping Canada's digital future. I think this is a great opportunity to provide input to the government to let them know what is needed to help our economy adjust to the technological realities. 

On the Web site you will find a document to read entitled  "Improving Canada’s Digital Advantage: Strategies for Sustainable Prosperity". It outlines context, challenges and discussion questions in the following area:
  • Innovation Using Digital Technologies
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Growing the ICT Industry
  • Canada’s Digital Content
  • Building Digital Skills
The Government of Canada has recognized the fact that the digital economy is vital to the growth of our country. You can provide input in one of two ways - participate in an ideas forum or with a formal submission. It is now time to step  up and provide them with the input they need. Remember that they are just politicians - we are the experts - we need to provide our opinions on what should be done to keep the digital economy moving. 

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